About Us

We at www.dachecker.org are a multi-talented team with maximum professional capabilities and skills. We are a lean start-up company. We value in developing our user-friendly and easy-to-use da checker tool. Our tool delivers results quickly to better provide our users with what matters a lot to them, and to keep us one step ahead of the other available tools with the manifesto "First do it, then do it in a right way, then do it in a better way."

Dachecker.org history dates back to some years ago when our original version of website authority checker was developed with one year of hard work along with excellent features. With the launch of our domain authority checker tool, we stirred the standing field of domain authority and kick-started a new era of competition amongst bulk domain authority checker tools providers back then and rapidly became one of the world's leading website authority checking tools.

From our self-effacing beginnings, dachecker.org has progressively grown. We initiated with the basic version of our free domain authority checker tool, steadily moving on to our highly sophisticated da checker tool. Our index is frequently updated with the freshest backlinks found on the website every 10-15 minutes, and our crawler processes around trillions of the web page a day.

We are a team of professionals and intensely believe in superior technology leading towards better solutions for everyday problems. We worship static typing and functional languages extensively employ meta-programming and code generation, value code predictability as well as clarity, continually look for automated repetitive tasks.

Our users wish to kept more interaction with us, though we needed an approach to facilitate the added interaction in our bulk domain authority checker tool. We stopped taking on several new customary clients and shifted toward developing world #1 online domain authority checker tool. Utilizing our DA checker is very easy and convenient. We only wish you to use our tool as long as you get the results in your bottom line.