How our domain authority checker tool helps to increase domain authority?

On the whole, websites with a huge number of quality external links are at the leading end of the DA scale, whereas small sized businesses and sites with only a few inbound links possibly have a lower DA score. New websites will always start with a Domain Authority (DA) score of one.

On account of how DA (domain authority) is computed, it is always advisable to use our comparative metric instead of concrete, absolute score while doing research in the search engine results and realizing which websites might have more influential link profiles in comparison with others. As our domain authority checker tool is highly comparative, there isn't certainly a "bad" or "good" DA score.

Like MozRank, our free domain authority checker also depends upon links. With MozRank, though, what is calculated is how diligently you are linked to a trustworthy website over the internet. For instance, an educational website or a.Gov. The website is measured as trusted websites. If you are linked with one hop, then you are more probably to have a better ranking. Come up with our da checker as a ranking of the link representing the distance between your page and a trustworthy source.

Our domain authority checker tool is also calculated on a scale of 0 to10, besides that, you can boost up your ranking thru receiving links from highly reliable websites such as government sites, Wikipedia, university sites, etc.

Through boosting the authority of a domain, you are also boosting your possibilities of improving your rankings in search engine. Consider DA as a way of computing how viable a website is in engine results. The higher the DA score of a web, the harder the possibility to outrank it. In the same way, when you are working on link-building for your website, you must try to get links from websites having good DA with a higher domain authority (DA) score.