How our domain authority checker tool helps to distinguish between domain authority and page authority?

Domain Authority (DA) computes the projected ranking strength of overall domains or subdomains whereas Page Authority (PA) computes the strength of individual pages of a website.

If you have a tough time to choose which of these you need to concentrate more, let our tool provides you the ultimate solution for this. Either you go along with domain authority or page authority both will assist as both of these are significant basic packages of search engine optimization (SEO) and support each other. Moreover, these are linked in a manner that you try out for one, and the other is swayed and improved automatically.

Page Authority (PA) is a measurement or a term presented and developed by MOZ that anticipates ranking ability of a particular single webpage on different Search Engines particularly on Google. Some free domain authority checker tools are available what has set a 100 point scale for this. The higher the number of points the greater is PA score. You can check for PA with our state-of-the-art da checker tool. Domain Authority is a measurement of ranking aptitude of an overall domain comprising off all sub-domains in contradiction of PA in Google. You can check for DA with our cutting-edge bulk domain authority checker tool.

Search Engines are specifically based upon thousands of different algorithms to compute and award rankings to sites. Thus amongst all of those PA and DA are only two significant aspects. For example, when we initiate link-building for a particular page of our website, it influences on page authority which eventually affects DA yet not as much as if the main webpage could have and vice versa. Therefore, the sum of page authorities of numerous pages of a site ultimately improves Domain Authority. Thus, High domain authority is what you can get in a long run, but in contrast, High PA is attainable with cleverly focused SEO for a particular page in a shorter span of time.